Storage of tyres

Tyre storage is an excellent service that we offer to all of our customers. The rapid growth of this service has tripled our warehouse space.

Why should you store tyres in our warehouse

  • Transporting tyres is cumbersome
  • Transporting tyres is troublesome
  • Tyres take up lots of room
  • Tyres smear the car
  • Tyres don't fit in the trunk
  • Bringing your tyres in your car is logistically cumbersome

If you can relate to those problems, you should really consider storing at our warehouse.

We will carefully store your tyres.
You need to meet important requirements:

  • Rim tyres must be stored flat
  • Tyres without rims must be stored vertically
  • Must have an equal temperature
  • Storage room must be dry
  • Tyres must be stored in the dark

We've had customers come to us who keep their tyres in a shed (one of the worst places to keep them). After which we have advised them to buy new tyres, because the tyres have become dangerous for the owner and fellow road users. The shed does not retain light and cannot keep the temperature equal. In addition, the shed can be prone to dampness.

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