Workspace rental

Everyone wants do to something with their own hands. Why not repair your own car? With us, this can be done outside our core business of tyre changing. You are welcome to try from May to October and December to March.
It's always cheaper to do it yourself. If you don't know how, it's worth a try. Because the experience you gain from trying gives you the courage and confidence to go on.
The internet is full of tutorials on how to change a spare part on a car. Let's say your car needs brake pads replaced, which ideally would take an hour at a garage (costs about 45 eur/h).

Our workspace rental is 10 eur/h
This means that changing the brake pads yourself takes 4.5 h. Since the car has four pads, you will gain a lot of experience, and the next time it will take much less time. Saving money and gaining new experience!

The rental of working space does not include the use of tyre-working equipment.

We have

  • Typical tools (cartridges and flat keys)
  • Bottom lift, which lifts the car about 60 cm off the ground.
  • Great advice
  • We can help you buy missing spare parts
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