If you have the need to transport goods, but
a) have never driven a van
b) cannot park with a Ford Fiesta
c) have more goods than hands
Answering all the above questions "no"then call us
We'll come to the rescue, help you in and out of the car, and think along.
We offer hourly transport. If you need help moving or simply bringing goods from the store, you've come to the right place.
We show up and are there for exactly as long as it takes to get the customer's goods/product to the right place.
We use Citroen Jumper, which is sized as
Length 3,55m
Height 1,9m

You need to take in account that the door is
Diagonally 2 meters
1,8 meters high

The client had to install furniture. However, it was possible to pick up the last pieces of painted furniture three hours after the installation time. Therefore, our task was to safely and quickly transport the freshly painted pieces from Tallinn to Tartu. All in all, our client was able to start the installation in Tartu on time and his client got the furniture in place as agreed. Everyone happy!

What does "transport" exactly mean:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Transportation of trash
  • Transportation of furniture
  • Moving homes
  • Anything that fits, we'll take it!
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