New tyres

We only sell new tyres. If you are interested in buying tyres, please send an e-mail (, where you should also enter the registration number and wheel size of the car. Many online shops offer a search for tyres by car registration number. You can only search for tyres by car registration number if you know what inch the tyres are.
The following tyres are suitable for a perfectly normal Škoda Superb:

Picture from Transpordiamet

The car suits
1) 16“
2) 17“
3) 18“
The main tyres we sell are
Top class:

  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear

Mid class:

  • Hankook
  • Barum
  • Sava

Cheap class

  • Sailun
  • Triangel
  • Nordex

It is also possible to get tyres from other manufacturers, but the ones mentioned above cover most people's needs. To be honest, the difference in quality between Continental and Michelin tyres is not huge. It's more a matter of taste than quality.
NB! Whenever you buy new tyres, ask for the valves to be replaced (if the car is without a tyre pressure sensor). We also change the valves, but unfortunately many garages don't do this.

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