Tyre repair in Kalamaja

Why should you visit us?
1) It's comfortable to drive to us because there's plenty of space around the workshop.
2) We have experience working with tyres from the year 2006.
3) We have all the resources needed to repair everything.
rehvi vahetuseni).

Why should you ask advice from us?
1) We do not buy tyres ourselves, so we don't have the need to sell you a singular brand
2) Our business partners bring us every single type of tyre brand
Everyone can find a suitable tyre for themself
3) We'll make everything super clear
Our workshop is located at Kalamaja.
on auto, millel on vaja teha rehvitöid.

Tyres can be repaired

  • Rope
  • Patch-plug
  • Vulcanise
  • "With a trowel"

We can fix and replace car tyres for cars that can be driven with a category B driver's licence

  • Passenger car
  • SUV
  • Van
  • Moped car