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Tyre assistance is a growing service as many cars do not have spare wheels. Isn't it convenient to call us and we'll arrange for the flat tyre to become a proper inflated tyre again? If you notice that the tyre is deflated, it's safer not to drive that car. Driving with a deflated tyre can completely blow the tyre out beyond repair.

Can you use tyre aid only for a singular car tyre repair? Of course not! For us, tyre assistance means doing tyre work outside the workshop. You go on a trip and come back home to find the snow is up to your knees and the car in front of your house has summer tyres on. We'll come and change the tyres where your car is parked.
The cost of tyre assistance depends on the distance from the workshop and the time of day.

Tyre aid's price consists of

  • The distance
  • Tyre repair cost
  • Repair time

We don't have our own bus with tyre changing equipment inside, but use nearby partners or our own workshop. It all depends on how you can get there faster. A tyre shop has much more facilities and better conditions for changing tyres than a car repair bus.

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