Tyre recycling

It happens to everyone that a little becomes a lot at some point. If you find that you have sixteen old tyres, you can bring them all to us or ask us to pick them up. Recycling car tyres is perfectly affordable for us. Our van has room for about 100 tyres or 800 kg.

We take the tyres to a place where they are recycled. This saves time, space and the environment. There is a charge for recycling tyres, and you can find the price in our price list. If you buy new tyres from us, there is a charge for recycling old tyres. If you buy new tyres elsewhere, there is usually a recycling fee on the invoice. This means that you pay for the tyres to be disposed of. If you order your tyres from Tartu and you are based in Tallinn, it is quite expensive to transport them to Tartu. So, when you take the tyres to a tyre repair shop, you are again paying what is known as a recycling fee.
Because we want the client to have best service, we do not impose a recycling fee on the tyres you buy from us. You only have to pay when you bring the tyres to us for recycling.

If you move the tyres sold by us to another place, you will be obliged to pay a one-off disposal fee. It's worth bringing the old tyres to us and grabbing the new ones, it's just cheaper.

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