Our story

A year was a long time ago

Once when the grass was greener and the sky was bluer, the wind was cold and strong outside. I was at the top of the stairs of my great-grandmother's summer cottage and I was admiring the way the wind rolled the stones along the gravel path. Until I lost my balance and crashed into the front wheel valve of my grandfather's Mosse. As a result, I was greatly injured.. How may I find the little front wheel valve?

From there it's business as usual, straight to the ER and a scar for life . The years went by when in 2006 it was time to find an internship. A workshop on Peterburi road agreed to take me on an "apprenticeship" (I had previously studied car repair). My first task was to lift the car and remove the wheels. And then to put everything back. After the apprenticeship I worked there until 2007. At the end of November of that year, I thought that as a nice, bright and smart young man, I needed new challenges and I would certainly be more appreciated elsewhere. This same bright, bright young man was not listening to the news and had no idea of the economic crash ahead. I arrogantly slammed the door shut, and the tough years were ahead. No good crisis is wasted. I used the time wisely and did my military service. It was the spring of 2011 when my former boss phoned to invite me back. I left the job I had found and went back to the tyre presses. In the summer of 2013, I was offered a good job by a regular client. I did a trial week there and was again amazed. Should I leave the job and start with a new interesting experience?

Once again, a thought occurred to me - am I worth more, since I am a clever and skilful young man. Now that I had option B, I sat down with the owner of my own tyre shop. As a result, I retrieved the whole company. Then it was time to think of a name for the new business. The desire was to have a name that was interesting, but at the same time something that would not be directly associated with tyres. A better name than Rettum I couldn't think of. How is "Rettum" linked to tyres?

It's derived from an Estonian word "mutter", which means tyre nuts.
You see "Rettum" is just the word "mutter", but backwords.
That's how I got the name "Rettum".

We have been here as Rettum vankrit vedanud aastast 2014 nagu ikka üles mäge ja vastu tuult.