Spare parts and repair

Need a car repair, but don't know anything about cars? We also don't know everything, but we know who does. We can do the simple jobs ourselves, and we can supervise the more complex ones. In the meantime, we'll advise you on what we would do in your situation. In our company, asking for advice is FREE.

You can order spare parts from us. Most garages won't tell you, but in the meantime, it's not enough just to have your car's registration number to get the right part. As car development continues on a daily basis, some older cars are hidden behind the newer versions. There can be some inconsistencies with your car information.

The most common thing that is replaced on cars is the brake discs. They can come in three different sizes for one car. It's best if the old part is brought with you or is still on the car. Otherwise, you may find that you have brought a spare part that does not fit. However, it will take time to get a new spare part.

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